Arechavala-López, P., Bayle-Sempere, J. T., Sánchez-Jerez, P., Valle, C., Forcada, A., Fernández-Jover, D., Ojeda-Martínez, C., Vázquez-Luis, M. & Luna-Pérez, B., 2008. Biodiversity and structure of rocky reef fish assemblages in the Sierra Helada Natural Park (South-western Mediterranean Sea). Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica, vol. 6

Table 1. Geographical coordinates of the study locations using UTM (Universal Transversal Mercator). (For other abbreviations see fig. 1.)
Tabla 1. Coordenadas geográficas UTM (Universal Transversal Mercator) de las localidades de estudio. (Para otras abreviaturas, ver fig. 1.)


Localities Code


Latitude (X) Longitude (Y)
L`Olla Island L1 30S 759576 E 4278430 N
Punta Albir L2 30S 757153 E 4272566 N
Punta Caballo L3 30S 753025 E 4267852 N
Finestrat L4 30S 747502 E 4267789 N
Mascarat-Toix H1 31S 241052 E 4279618 N
Mitjana Island H2 30S 755096 E 4269481 N
Benidorm Island H3 30S 750353 E 4265542 N