Chakrabarty, M. & Homechaudhuri, S., 2013. Fish guild structure along a longitudinally-determined ecological zonation of Teesta, an eastern Himalayan river in West Bengal, India.  Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica, 11. 


Table  2. Flow preference guild (Aarts & Nienhuis, 2003) and reproductive guild, based on spawning habitat/substrate (Balon, 1975) applied to the fish species of River Teesta in West Bengal).

Tabla  2. Gremios según preferencia del curso fluvial (Aarts & Nienhuis, 2003) y gremios reproductivos, basado en hábitat/sustrato de desove (Balon, 1975) aplicado a las especies de peces del río Teesta, Bengala Occidental.





Probable reactions to environmental changes / disturbance

Reproductive Guild


Eggs deposited in clean gravels, rocks, stones, rubble or pebbles

Choking, desiccation or overly deep submergence of gravel substrates may render them unusable to the fish


Eggs deposited in plants, leaf and/or roots of live or dead vegetation

Generally resistant but can be affected by changes that affect distribution and abundance of submerged and emergent plants


Eggs deposited in submerged plants, if available, or on other submerged items

Resistant to most environmental changes


Eggs deposited in roots or grass above a sandy bottom or on sand itself

Generally resistant but susceptible to excessive sedimentation


Eggs deposited in rocks or gravels

Changes to flow regimes may result in eggs and larvae in the rivers being delayed in impoundments or carried past desirable nursery areas, resulting in mortality


Eggs deposited in interstitial spaces or crevices

Generally resistant


Non-specialised spawners / no preferred habitats

Flow preference guilds


All freshwater life stages confined to lotic waters

Disturbed by changes to the flow regime that desiccate the pools or leave them for long periods without flow


All life stages can occur in both lentic and lotic water

Sensitive to the drawdown phase of .the hydrological cycle. Usually non-migratory


All life stages confined to lentic waters

Tolerant of low dissolved oxygen tensions